Andrzej Halesiak

“I dream of a world, Poland, and things that have never been, and I ask: ‘why not?’

When the political, social, and economic transformation began in Poland, I was
just starting my studies in the field of international relations, which was my
dream specialty. As a result, almost by necessity, from the very beginning, I
followed the changes in Poland with above-average interest. Later, working in
various places (public administration, consulting, financial sector, international
institutions), I tried to observe the processes taking place globally, in the Polish
economy and society, with great attention to detail.

In recent years, my observations have taken on a ‘new color’; it is the result of an
inner transformation that has affected me, which you can read about in ‘Correct
your course.’ Based on my own observations, experiences, and especially a
certain approach to issues of psychology, sociology, spirituality, and quantum
physics, I began to see numerous connections between the functioning of
individuals and social, political, and economic trends. Today, I firmly believe that:

  • The world is on the brink of a breakthrough, waiting for broad and deep
    changes – the solutions used so far have hit the wall,
  • The problems of the contemporary world cannot be solved by economists,
    sociologists, or quantum physicists; the solution must be holistic and

As a representative of the generation of the 1970s, I can say about myself that:

  •  I know what it means to live in a country full of falsehood, hypocrisy, and
    surveillance, which is why I highly value the freedoms that became the
    fate of our country in the 1990s.
  • Living and functioning in free Poland has strengthened my conviction
    about the truth known since the dawn of time (see Adam and Eve) that
    freedom is inseparably linked to responsibility.
  • I believe that by focusing on ‘taking care of ourselves,’ we have neglected
    our responsibility for society as a whole in recent decades, thereby
    opening wide the gates to populism and authoritarianism, which have
    begun to spread in our country.
  • I perceive the current situation primarily as a huge opportunity to redesign
    our system and institutional solutions to make it more inclusive, not only
    from the perspective of people but also the environment in which we live.

For those looking for more formal information:

  • I am a graduate of the Krakow University of Economics (international
    trade) and the Warsaw University of Technology Business School
    (Executive MBA and the Leadership Psychology Academy).
  • I spent 3 years in public administration working in the Department of
    Financial Policy and Analysis at the Ministry of Finance.
  • Later, my career path led me through the analytical department of
    McKinsey & Company consulting firm, where I spent 7 years.
  • I spent the next 12 years in the banking sector, holding managerial
    positions in areas of analysis aimed at supporting bank boards.

The last few years have been spent working with think tanks and international
organizations (World Bank) on various projects.

I am also a member of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Development Fund (PFR S.A.)
as well as Program Councils of two think-tanks (the Civic Congress and the Institute
of Public Affairs) and the Association of Polish Economists. I was a mentor of the Leadership
Academy for Education Leaders (an initiative of the Humanities Institute),
and I am a columnist for Parkiet daily and