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Restore the Future!

As promised in “Better not to see, better not to know...”, this text will have an optimistic tone. The second good news for the reader is that this is also one of the shortest texts I have written. Yes, dealing with the challenges that lie ahead of us is very simple, though also difficult at the same time.

Optimism comes from the fact that in my opinion, there is a huge, untapped potential when it comes to one of the elements of the triad presented by me in the previous text. This element is, of course, MAN. And of course, I’m not talking about any specific person. Although in principle, it’s about…YOU. At the same time, it is also about us, as a community. You or me, and especially us as a whole, have tremendous creative power, power of action.

Someone may ask, well, then why hasn’t this happened yet? The answer is simple. We use all this potential, but the direction of our actions is wrong – currently, we are busy destroying the future of our civilization. It’s not like dwarves or aliens are doing it for us. Right?

The key question, therefore, is why do we do what we do, and why we cannot change the direction of our actions? And this is the crux of the matter. It is because we are not internally integrated beings. Personal integrity is, in short, having principles, values, moral beliefs, and, most importantly, acting in accordance with them. It is also the consistency between what we think, what we say, and how we act!

Perhaps at this moment, you completely disagree with this. After all, everywhere you can come across various rules, and everyone today talks about values. Whether in the context of various religions or ethical and moral systems. After all, we all want things to be good, there to be no wars, and for love to prevail. Or do we?

In my personal opinion, we live in times of universal hypocrisy. What’s worse, in most cases, we don’t even notice it. I know something about it because there was a time when my life was full of hypocrisy, and I was completely blind to it (now at least I’m aware of it and I try to have as little of it as possible). In other words, we deceive ourselves the most, not others!.

If the above recipe – working on internal coherence – seems naive, funny, or stupid to you, then let it be. But if something in it resonates with you, open yourself up to the desire for personal integrity. Open yourself to the path that is long and winding, often even painful, but the reward that accompanies it is unique – the path to finding your true SELF. And as soon as you start to become YOURSELF, changes will start to come. First in you, then also – under the influence of your impact – around you. Changes in the way of thinking, the way of acting…everything that is needed to push the history of the Earth onto new tracks.

How to take the first step? You can wait for the inner guide’s voice, everyone has it. You can also seek inspiration outside, for example, by reaching for a good book (personally, I recommend Martha Beck’s book titled “Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality“). Regardless of the method you choose, the most important adventure of your life will begin. And in the process, you will help restore the future of our world.

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